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Quinquatrus: A Celebration of Minerva McGonagall

The Fictional Life of a Tart In Tartan

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A celebration of Minerva McGonagall
Welcome to quinquatrus, a celebration of our favourite Professor, Minerva McGonagall!

What is this community about?

We are all about the love for Minerva McGonagall. We love Transfiguration, Animagi, tartan-clad professors and flirting with schoolboys. Fic, arts, icons, recs and discussion are all welcome here, all ratings, slash, het, femmeslash and gen. Just so long as Minerva is centre-stage, we lap it all up.

Who can join this community?

Membership is open to all--so long as you love Minerva, you're welcome here!

This community will at times contain R and NC-17 rated material. If you are legally underage in your country of residence, please act responsibly, heed the warnings, and skip the adult stuff. We don't want to be blamed for exposing delicate underage eyes to that sort of filth.

What's with the funny name?

quinquatrus is named after the Roman festival of quinquatrus or quinquatria, which was sacred to Minerva, goddess of handcrafts and war. More information on the quinquatrus can be found here.

Do you have any rules?

But of course! This is a McGonagall community after all, and she would not approve of it being allowed to run rampant.

Mind your manners

This means no Minerva-bashing, and members must be civil to each other at all times. Trolls are not welcome here, neither is netspeak or any other abuse of the English language.

Irreverent, mischievous and downright salacious posting is, however, not only acceptable but actively encouraged.

Use proper headers/descriptions

All fic/art/rec posts must contain the author/artist's username, a title, rating, standard disclaimer and summary. Appropriate warnings to be given for any potentially squicky material, including student/teacher sexual relations. Try not to incite the lawyers or scare children and horses, people.

All fics over 200 words, art posts and icon posts with more than three icons to be placed behind a cut. All R or NC-17 rated material must be placed behind a cut.

You may either post directly to the community, or link to your own journal or website.

Any entries which violate the rules are likely to be deleted. Members who persistently or seriously break the rules, or just generally annoy me may be banned.

Disclaimer: All HP characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling and Warner Bros; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.

Community layout by the lovely grrliz

Community moderator is the fearsome shaggydogstail. Any queries can be directed to me at shaggydogstail AT livejournal DOT com.
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